Your Custom TV Mount

The display of a flat panel television has a great impact on the TV viewing experience. You should carefully select the position and mounting type as the performance of the flat panel depends on your custom mounted TV.

For rooms or areas with wide viewing angles cantilever mounts or articulating mounts should be considered. These particular kinds of mounts will provide a good head on view from any corner of the room, allowing angle customization for suiting the requirements of your favorite couch or chair. This type of TV mounting system can be easily adjusted according to your desire. You can swivel them up, down or sideways according to your comforts. Therefore you can also term them as TV swivel mounts.

The Fixed Standard Flat TV mount is appropriate for those TV’s that are to be centered on the wall in a fixed position. Always making sure it is mounted directly into studs for weight security these Standard Fixed Mounts make for a wonderful viewing experience.

The type of TV bracket you choose also depends on the amount of wiring/cables you require. Always leave yourself expansion options for a home theater system and other components. You might consider add on shelving or mounting systems with available space for components.

Important considerations. When choosing TV wall brackets or TV mounting systems you must always be aware of weight regulations. These are usually found on the rear panel of most TV’s. Make sure the mount you choose is weight compatible. Also, be aware of heat. You must leave enough space between the wall and the TV to ensure proper ventilation.
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